- Celebrate Holi – Promote Active Ageing

Celebrate Holi – Promote Active Ageing

Old age is the crown of life, let’s promote Active and Healthy Ageing


Active ageing is the process of optimizing opportunities for better health, quality of life, as people age. Most Widow mothers have faced isolation, discrimination and abandonment, from family and society. Widowhood translates into exclusion and isolation from society. Celebrations of festivals like holi, diwali etc will help widows break taboos and actively participate. Support Maitri in creating opportunities for participation, social bonds, skill building, income generation activities, kirtan, yoga and meditation, which can improve the quality of their life. You can join hands with Maitri and the widow mothers in celebrating Holi. Maitri celebrates Holi with widow mothers of Vrindavan and Radhakund to improve participation and social bonds of widow mothers. The celebrations are unique as widow mothers play Holi with flowers & colours to the beat of drums dancing with joy. A unique way of putting “tilak” on the for ehead adds to the festive. Come celebrate Holi with us.


Donate : Rs 15,000/ USD $200 (Includes special lunch and the celebration)