- Adopt a Widow Mother

Adopt a Widow Mother

“As a child needs love and a roof over his head, so does every mother. A mother needs a home where she can live with Identity, Dignity and Respect”.


When you adopt a Widow Mother, you achieve a special kind of Giving that creates a relationship between you and the widow mother at Maitrighar. Adopting a mother means, you are taking care of her wellness and wellbeing. It gives you the opportunity to witness lives transformed from struggle and abandonment to survival and acceptance with love. When you sponsor a Widow Mother, two lives are changed: a Mothers’ and yours! We shall keep you updated on the mother.


Support Maitri in providing a safe and secure home to widow mothers where they can live with dignity and get nutritious meals including fruits and milk, clothing, emotional and mental wellbeing, and provided with healthcare.


Donate Rs.20, 000 / USD 300 for one widow mother for a year.