Who We Are

Maitri is a New Delhi-based developmental humanitarian NGO that is committed to facilitating every individual’s Human Rights, especially the Rights to Identity, Dignity and Respect. Since 2005, Maitri has worked with over 45,000 individuals on the issues of social and health inequities and public health concerns through education, community outreach, networking, and legal advocacy. Read More

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    Oxford Dictionary defines Identity as- the fact of being who or what a person or thing is, a close similarity or affinity, a transformation that leaves an object unchanged. To establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is. These identities are either obtained or assigned by family, society and civil organization. Maitri works to restores the Identity when deprived of or redefine the identity, which marginalizes people.

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    We all recognize that we all have a deep, human desire to be treated as something of value. When we indicate that feeling , the expression to another, it is called Dignity for the said person. Maitri commits treating every individual with identity, dignity and respect.

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    A definition of respect includes

    • How you feel about someone and

    • How you treat him/her.

    Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care about his or her feelings and well-being.

    Showing respect for others include things like not calling people mean names, treating people with courtesy, caring enough about yourself that you don't do things you know can hurt you. Maitri believes in working with and for respect for every person.


Who We Help

The Elderly

An elderly, single woman, especially the one who has lost her husband, goes through multiple levels of subordination in the Indian context. At Maitri, we aim to help this woman navigate through these levels and redeem her life with dignity, identity and respect. Read More


Young children, especially girls are exposed to the structural subservience that exists within the patriarchal construct of the society, at an impressionable age. We believe that it is not only necessary to empower these children, but also change the mind-set that propagates these ideals. Read More


The glitz and glamour of an urban environment do not reach a large section of its dwellers, including rickshaw pullers and their families. Maitri makes an effort to strengthen these communities so that they can realize the full potential of their establishment. Read More


“For many people, they want a different kind of engagement. They want to spend time figuring out what their passions are. They want to think hard about what—in addition to money—they have to add to the cause, whether that’s expertise, relationships, or skills. We at Maitri, work towards building partnerships on those values and solidifying them into transparent and collective engagement by working together. It is only through support we are able to achieve our dreams"


CEO Sonal Singh

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”. The vision to create identity, dignity and respect for vulnerable populations requires a collective action and makes a clear call for new strategies, resources and innovations which evolve with time and the needs of the beneficiaries. Maitri was founded on values where everyone contributes to reach towards these goals.

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Executive Director, CofounderWinnie Singh

“Compassion translates as loving-kindness.” To be truly compassionate means understanding the emotional need of another being, and being there without any conditions. Its unconditional love. Maitri’s projects have been successful in reaching out to its diverse range of beneficiaries because of the compassionate approach with its policies and attitude in building a relationship of trust, respect and dignity with every beneficiary”

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President, CoFounder Lt. Gen. Bhopinder Singh

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” Douglas MacArthur. Working with diverse populations and spaces is a challenge but Maitri implements each project with clearly defined goals. Maitri is unique and effective because it works with compassion, patience and discipline with an underlining need to understand the issues faced by the beneficiaries.”

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ChairDr. Ulf Kristoffersson

“I had heard, helping does not need a special day or time. To me it happened the day I saw the mothers in Vrindavan. I had tears in my eyes, for I saw my mother, my sister in their eyes. I knew, we had to do something to give them dignity in life.”

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Dr. Joe Thomas

“When we can no longer face a situation or a crisis, the best possible strategy is to change our ways to deal with the challenges. Development and Growth can happen with directed leadership and committed values. We have to work towards a world where health, age and citizenship rights are of paramount value.”

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In focus

Our success lies in finding new ways and ideas which bring people together to create change. Maitri works with diverse populations and some of the key aspects of work involves advocacy and awareness, to put across voices and naratives of change, to engage in inclusive and participatory dialogues. Infocus brings out different such engagements and nuances of our work: .” Read More

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“ The best way to find yourself Is to lose yourself in the service of others. ”

“ Mahatma Gandhi ”
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