International Women’s Day Maitri With Olek

New Delhi, 8th March 2016: To commemorate this International Women’s Day, Maitri will actively participate in a public art performance in Central Park, Cannaught Place from 4pm to 6pm. Maitri in collaboration with an international artist OLEK (Agata Oleksiak) from Poland/New York City is bringing together women in India to participate in the public art performance, using crochet as medium to demonstrate the never ending process within women to recreate themselves.

Both OLEK’s and Maitri’s mission is to create awareness and bring about change to the rights of women in India. We feel passionately about celebrating the power and potential of women and will do this by demonstrating that women, like art, can and should be consistently recreated to define themselves with confidence that they play an important role in society and in India. Culture PL is a partner in the event.

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