The key to Maitri’s success has always been the generosity of its volunteers and supporters. There are many who are anxious to help with our cause, but may not know how. Our wishlist consists of individual items that will help with Maitri’s cause. Many of them are direct supplies for a specific project; other items are used universally to address all of Maitri’s projects from an administrative level. Making any contribution to help us acquire the items on our wishlist will be of great assistance and will be greatly appreciated.

By making a general donation, you generosity will go towards our greatest need.Maitri is a tax exempt (80G) organisation – for more information click here.

Item Description Beneficiaries Quantity
Projector School Children 1
Desktop Computer School Children 2
Notebooks Children’s Tutorial Centre 200
New and Used Story Books Children’s Tutorial Centre 100
Pencils, Crayons Children’s Tutorial Centre
Item Description Cost
Saree (with petticoat and blouse) White base with small print Rs.600 (Twice a year) Approx $ 10 (Twice a year)
Sweater (White, Black, Navy blue or Brown) Rs.650(Once a year) Approx $ 10/year
Shawl (White, Black, Navy blue or Brown) Rs.650(Once a year) Approx $10
Footwear Indian chapals Size 4, 5, 6 Rs.250(Once a year) Approx $4/year
Canvas shoes Size 4, 5, 6 Rs.450(Once a year) Approx $7/year
Socks (2 pairs) Cotton OR Woollen Rs.125(Once a year) Approx $2/year
Blankets Rs.750(Once a year) Approx $12/year
Bed Sheets with pillow covers Rs.450(Once a year) Approx $7/year
Medicine Antibiotics, Calcium, Zinc, Iron,
Eye Drops, Volini, Combif1lame, Digene, Zantac, Paracetamol, facilitation for serious health care.
Rs.150 approx/month Approx $2/month
Towels Cotton Rs.300 Approx $5
Detergents 1 kg Rs.75/month Approx $1/month
Soaps 2 Rs.40/month Approx $1/month
Mid day meal + Fruit + Supplements Rs.1000/month Approx $167/month
ADOPT A WIDOW (Inclusive of mid day meal, fruits, supplements, clothing (winter and summer), health and wellnss Rs.15,000/Year Approx $249/Year