HIV Testing & Counselling

Many health challenges faced by India’s underprivileged arise from a lack of understanding of infectious diseases such as malaria, STIs, HIV/AIDS and TB. This is further compounded by the lack of healthcare in many at-risk populations. Maitri works with vulnerable populations, such as migrant workers, rickshaw pullers, homeless, uniformed personnel and their families, to disseminate knowledge about the risk factors associated with these diseases and also provide testing, counselling, and support.

Initiated: August 2009

Location: Delhi

Project Description:

Maitri established a counseling and testing centre in a hospital setting in Delhi cantt Board General Hospital. It supports the ante natal clinic, TB clinic and migrants vulnerable to acquiring HIV. Populations living in Delhi Cantonment; Sadar Bazaar; Gopinath; Mehroom Nagar; Jhareda; Nangal; Kirbi Place; and Brar Square access the services of Maitri ICTC Centre. The increase of safe sexual practices is also done through condom promotion and distribution

Project Impact:

  • 13750 individuals counselled and tested for HIV
  • 29,366 condoms distributed
  • individuals found HIV+ and provided access to treatment

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