Rickshaw Pullers in Ranchi

Project Adhikar – A Programme for Rickshaw Pullers in Ranchi

A significant number of the marginalized population groups are denied of their citizenship rights and access to the benefits of government programmes and other social security benefits. These population groups are vulnerable because of their poor socioeconomic status, migration history, not having permanent settlement, and lack of social capital etc. These reasons coupled with other social-political reasons lead to denial of citizenship rights, which includes access to identity proofs such as ration cards, voter’s identity cards and bio-metric identity cards (Aadhar card) which is increasingly a must for availing the benefits of the various government programmes.

Initiated: September 2012

Location: Ranchi

Project Description:

Due to the immense success seen in Project Awaaz, Maitri launched Project Adhikar to provide the same benefits to Rickshaw Pullers in the Ranchi Municipal Corporation. The extremely poor living and working conditions and chronic stress inherent in the job has placed Rickshaw Pullers at an increased chance of alcohol and drug abuse. There is also a much higher likelihood of risky sexual behavior. To improve these conditions, Maitri assists Workers in obtaining Unique Identification Cards, Voter Identification Cards, and other documents necessary for benefitting from Government programmes. By facilitating Rickshaw Pullers’ access to proper documentation, Maitri is also ensuring that Rickshaw Pullers receive quality Health Care. Maitri holds enrolment camps in Rickshaw garages as well as frequent Health Camps in intervention areas.

Project Impact :

  • 2000 Rickshaw Pullers Engaged
  • 38 health camps attended by 2727 Rickshaw Pullers
  • 154 Awareness Camps organized and attended by 1898 Rickshaw Pullers
  • 1816 migrant workers have had access to health camps held
  • 192 Rickshaw Pullers given access to Citizenship Rights such as zero balance bank account, Universal IDs, Voter ID, BPL ID, RSBY Card etc.
  • 111 garages mapped for service provision


Hear from the beneficiaries

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