Studies show that more than 90 percent of consumers are most likely to be associated with a company that supports a social cause. As a result, many corporates are starting to engage in social responsibility by partnering with non government organizations.

Maitri’s areas of focus can give you an opportunity to contribute and also get involved with our programmes, accommodating your vision with our aims to make a difference to the community. Our presence allows us to make an active impact in the areas of promoting gender equality, reducing violence against women, promoting respect and dignity for elderly women with a specific focus on widows of Vrindavan, preventative healthcare, promoting sanitation and hygiene, empowerment through education and skill building for the economically weaker sections.

We can creatively match your company’s commitment to a cause with our work that will add value to your brand. Whether it is supporting our campaigns directly through monetary donations or in kind, collaborating with us for events or creating awareness about Maitri’s programmes, we would be pleased to have you on board